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Beauty Salon Franchise For Sale: Buy into Lemon Tree

Salon FranchiseThe Hair Salon Industry

Lemon Tree is a beauty salon franchise for sale. With over 4 decades of salon and franchise experience, Lemon Tree is an exceptional business model that has grown to 70+ locations in the United States. Our salon is a family salon and we offer services for all ages. We employ professional beauticians that are highly experienced in customer service. If you are looking for an exciting career that will make an impact in your community, consider partnering with Lemon Tree.

If you are interested in business ownership, Lemon Tree is the top choice of hair salon franchise. Lemon Tree is part of the $62 billion a year hair salon industry. Looking good is always a top priority, and thus the hair salon industry has proven to be recession resistant. With constant demand for coloring, cutting, and styling services, Lemon Tree has proven to be a successful business. Our salons are open early and close late, with no appointments necessary. Our flexible schedule reflects our strong core values for customer service. Years of positive reception and profitable business has resulted from Lemon Tree’s top quality hair cuttery services and customer service.

Beauty Salon FranchiseWHY LEMON TREE?

There are many reasons to own a Lemon Tree Family Salon business. Some of our franchise owners love the deep ties they create with their communities. Some of our owners love the lifestyle this business affords them, with our semi-absentee ownership model. And of course, some of our owners love the fact that the investment required to open a Lemon Tree salon is markedly lower than any other haircut franchise or hair salon franchise.

With over 150 combined years of experience, our management team has seen it all and is ready to support you building a successful salon.

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beauty salon franchise


hair salon franchise


beauty salon franchise


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Salon FranchiseRisk Free Beauty Salon Franchise For Sale

As a hair salon franchise owner, you get all of the perks of business ownership without any of the risk. Franchising is a $552 billion a year industry that is constantly growing. Creating over 21 million jobs and contributing trillions to the US economy, franchising is a perfect way to grow and give back to your community. As part of the franchise industry, you will learn the ins and outs of a successful business model. When you buy into a franchise, you are purchasing the rights to a highly successful business plan. There is minimal risk involved as all of the hard work of business ownership has already been done – you simply need to follow the recipe of success laid out for you.

Franchising offers independence and career growth. The top 10% of our locations average over $533,311 in annual sales and many go on to open multiple locations. This high profitability allows them to recover initial investments quickly and grow revenue exponentially. The financial freedom acquired from franchising offers future security and opens up career options. Many franchisees go on to open multiple franchises, sell their franchises for a high price, or open their own start up businesses. The sky is the limit when it comes to franchising. The skills you learn and the profits you make will take you very far.

“It’s more than just belonging to a successful franchise. It’s about being a part of a successful family of entrepreneurs.”

Franchise Owner – NY
beauty salon franchise for sale

Salon FranchiseCorporate Support

As a franchise owner, your risk is even further reduced with corporate support. Lemon Tree, as the top beauty salon franchise for sale, offers some of the best support in the industry. With 50 hours of onsite training and 40 hours of classroom training, you will be fully prepared to run your salon. We also offer finance, marketing, supply chain, and ongoing support to all franchisees. To learn more about Lemon Tree, give us a call today.



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