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Why a Hair Salon is the Best Beauty Franchise Opportunity


When it comes to franchising, there are hundreds of thousands of opportunities out there. The best place to start is always with a successful industry. The global beauty industry (including anti-aging, skincare, hair services, nail services, and massage) brings in over $1 trillion annually. That’s impressive for any one industry, and the market is only growing. Newer technologies have led to advances in cosmetology and consumers are demanding more beauty services now than ever before. Of this massive industry, hair salons and retail hair products make up the largest portion, bringing in $62 billion annually in the United States alone.When it comes to opening a beauty franchise, it is clear that a hair salon is the way to go. Comparatively, nail salons account for only $11 billion, health and wellness $12 billion, and tanning salons $3 billion. With a hair salon franchise, you have the chance to cash in on a lucrative industry. Proven to be incredibly resilient, the hair salon industry has done well even in times of recession. And with a 7% growth of hair retail products, the industry is quickly expanding. Of all franchises out there, Lemon Tree beauty parlour franchise is leading the hair salon game.
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hairdressing franchiseWhy Lemon Tree is the Best Hair Salon Franchise

There are various reasons to be excited about Lemon Tree’s beauty franchise opportunity:
  • Low Risk, High Reward – Over 40 years of experience in the salon industry has taught us how to run a successful business. We are proud to offer franchise owners an industry low initial investment of $131,800 – $179,000 which covers the franchise fee and everything necessary to get your salon franchise up and running. With an AUV of $367,106, you can expect a quick ROI and continued success.
  • Simple & Scalable – Our business model is very simple, which has led to explosive growth – with nearly 100 franchises, Lemon Tree beauty parlour franchise is a well represented brand. As a Lemon Tree owner, you’ll be able to quickly open 2, 3, 4 or more locations.
  • Owner Freedom – We realize that not all busy entrepreneurs have the time to dedicate to running a full time business. That is why we created the semi-absentee model, which allows franchise owners to hire a general manager. As a semi-absentee owner, you’ll be behind the scenes and only need to put in 15-20 hours of work a week.


If you’re excited about the opportunity we have, we are excited to hear from you! We are looking for business savvy individuals who are passionate about growth. Our salons have the power to change a community by offering quality, reasonably priced hair services to families and individuals. We are excited about giving back, and we look for individuals who are community focused to join our team. If you’d like to learn more about our successful, low risk hair salon franchise opportunity, feel free to contact us today.
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