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beauty parlour franchiseLemon Tree has Found Sky-Rocketing Success

Lemon Tree Family Salon is a well-established, solidly branded haircut franchise and we’ve hit our growth spurt! We’re searching for business-savvy franchisees ready to take the reins by opening their own stores throughout the country. We’re setting out to double our number of stores between now and 2023, and we’ve got the history to prove we can do it. Our salon franchise has strategically chosen this specific time to expand our reach, and we are powerfully positioned to hit the ground running with each new store that opens.
Hair Salon Franchise
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Our salon franchise offers everything a high-end alternative might have, but at a fraction of the cost, bringing in a much wider client base. And our family-friendly service is outstanding, which is the secret behind turning our one-time customers into loyal patrons. We’re also the only franchised beauty salon that has an exclusive partnership with Paul Mitchell®, and our owners attend quarterly trainings on the latest trends, while receiving steep discounts on their high-end products. Entrepreneur magazine even recognized Lemon Tree as being among the top 10 beauty and grooming businesses on the rise in 2019.

hairdressing franchiseFind Your Own Success With Our Haircut Franchise

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Anthony Pisani, a Lemon Tree franchisee, feels secure in the haircut franchise because, even during the recession of 2008, the beauty industry saw surges of growth. He believes this is a recession-proof endeavor, and loves that he’s not at risk of being overtaken by internet-related advancements. Through his dedicated efforts, Anthony doubled his investment within six months of opening his first store. He knows that the demand for salon services is a constant as people are always willing to invest in their image.Becoming a franchisee with Lemon Tree Family Salon comes with all the support and assistance you could wish for, including:
  • Learning from our owners who have 150 years of combined experience in the haircut franchise industry.
  • Implementing operational procedures with the help of more seasoned franchisees
  • Flying out to headquarters in New Jersey to meet the team and receive extensive training
  • Working with proven local brokers and the right general contractors to help you find the best site for your salons and to expedite the building process
  • Receive coaching when it comes to establishing brand awareness, marketing in social media, preparing for your grand opening, and engaging with the community

beauty parlour franchiseJoin our Salon Franchise for a Scalable Business Opportunity

Due to the exceptional support of our corporate team, as a salon franchise owner you’ll see high revenues as your back-up team ensures you achieve economies of scale.

When you’re on board with the Lemon Tree beauty franchise, you’re invested in a scalable business model that can handle growth and expansion because of the tools for measurement used to assess and manage business evolvement at every phase. Using our strategic growth rate will allow you to reinvest profits into additional salons–salons with some of the strongest unit economics that will quickly turn your business into a viable investment opportunity.

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