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Open a Salon Franchise with a Partner

cosmetic franchise opportunitiesSHARE THE EXCITEMENT OF A HAIRCUT FRANCHISE

cosmetic franchise opportunitiesSHARE THE EXCITEMENT OF A HAIRCUT FRANCHISE

cosmetic franchise opportunities
If you’re interested in a franchise opportunity but feel overwhelmed in starting a new business venture on your own, a partnership may be a favorable option. Lemon Tree is a salon franchise that is well suited to business partnerships. The benefits of investing with a partner are various:
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With one or more partners, investment costs are much more feasible. By splitting startup costs, partners will have more capital for additional investments. Entrepreneurs that open a haircut franchise with a partner have a better chance at sustaining multiple salons than a single investor. Whether you are interested in one Lemon Tree location or a multi-salon investment, having a business partner can help keep finances under control. The investment for a single Lemon Tree salon franchise ranges between $197,772 – $244,072 and covers the main resources that you and your partner need to get started.
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Finances aren’t the only thing shared in partnerships – you’ll get to share the workload as well! Whether you divide tasks equally or delegate based on strengths, having a partner is a great way to stay on schedule. Running a business is hard work and can be overwhelming for a sole investor. Team work makes the dream work, however. A partner is the extra set of hands you need to manage your business.

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Great partnerships consist of two entrepreneurs that balance each other out. Where you have weaknesses, your partner should have strengths, and vice versa. While you may be more knowledgeable in economics and finances, your partner may have a background in customer service. Together, you two will make a great salon franchise team. With double the experience, skills, and resources, managing one or more Lemon Tree locations should be a breeze.

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Maybe the best perk of partnerships is the work life balance. Running a business is a full time job. With two people tackling the job, everything can get done in a timely matter. With a partner, you’ll have a more flexible schedule and time for family at the end of the day.

beauty franchiseMEET OUR PRESIDENT

beauty franchiseMEET OUR PRESIDENT

“We’re not looking for business owners who want to work behind the chair. That’s not how this business is successful. We want entrepreneurs who want to manage a team, and focus on growing a business.”


The advantages of investing into Lemon Tree with a partner are only amplified by our support program. From training to real estate and construction, we will prepare you and your partner for your Grand Opening Day. Once your salon franchise is up and running, additional support will be available for inventory, marketing, and operations. With your partner’s assistance and our strong foundation of corporate support, you’ll never be in business by yourself.

I have been to some very fancy schmancy hair salons over the years (from Manhattan to LA) and not a since one has even came CLOSE to the AMAZING cut/style and color I got from Taylor Raw at Lemon Tree! She is absolutely THE BEST!”

Emily C.
White Plains, NY



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If you are searching for an investment opportunity for you and your partner, Lemon Tree has various territories available. Our haircut franchise model has persisted in the industry for nearly 6 decades. During this time, we’ve worked hard to create a system that benefits both our customers and our Franchise Owners. Are you ready to join the team? Contact us today to learn more.

Through teamwork our beauty franchise has managed to come out on top as an industry leader and we are forever grateful to the talented Franchise Owners that join our team.

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