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Work Toward Retirement with a Hair Salon Franchise

Salon FranchiseHigh Earning Potential

With so many people embracing freelance work, entrepreneurship, and start ups, retirement is a hot topic of conversation right now. While everyone is wondering how the traditional roads to retirement will play out in the future, most people are certain that the earlier retirement comes, the better. But how is early retirement feasible in a typical desk job? Unfortunately, it’s not. Early retirement is often achieved by those with entrepreneurial spirit, who can run their own business and have access to high earning potential. Franchising is a great way to step out of the 9-5 world and into business ownership. As the owner of a hair salon franchise, you will have the ability to work a flexible schedule for high earnings. Many Lemon Tree hair salon franchise owners go on to open multiple locations, earning explosive revenue. With such high earnings, early retirement is highly feasible.

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Our business model proves that if you are hyper-focused on providing a high quality service, willing to price it fairly and deliver exceptional customer service, you will be successful. The proof for this premise is our track record of success. We invite you to research the economics of our business model in comparison to other family hair salons out there, and come to that determination yourself.

As you progress through our haircut franchise education process you will have the opportunity to speak directly with our franchise owners, who can provide you more detailed (and much more exciting!) information on their business financials. In the meantime, see a quick snapshot of average revenues below:



Salon FranchiseHigh Earnings, Retirement Investments Through a Hair Salon Franchise

Lemon Tree is a beauty salon franchise for sale that is part of the $62 billion a year hair salon industry. There is a high demand for salon services – coloring services are up 3.6%, perming and straightening 2%, and cutting and styling up by 2.8%. As looking good is a top priority for many people, the hair salon industry has also proven to be recession resistant. These impressive figures have allowed Lemon Tree to thrive as a beauty salon franchise for sale. We offer varied services from cutting and styling to coloring. With over 70 salons in the United States, our hair salon franchise model has grown exponentially. Many of our franchisees have done so well that they go on to open 3 or 4 additional locations. Our top 10% performing salons average $533,311 in annual sales, with steady growth expected across all locations.

With such favorable numbers, it is easy to see how franchise owners can reach an early retirement. If you are interested in a career that offers flexibility, high earning, and worry free retirement plans, consider opening a hair salon franchise with Lemon Tree. Our absentee business ownership model allows for unlimited freedom and even higher earning potentials. As a Lemon Tree owner, you have the opportunity to hire a full time manager and operate behind the scenes. This allows you to pursue additional avenues of revenue, like opening additional Lemon Tree locations or holding a day job. With the high revenue you can achieve as a hair salon franchise owner, retirement investments are easy to make.

beauty salon franchise for sale

“It’s more than just belonging to a successful franchise. It’s about being a part of a successful family of entrepreneurs.”

Franchise Owner – NY

Salon FranchiseFranchising For Future Freedom

As a hair salon franchise owner, you get a chance to run your own business without the risk. Our absentee business model allows for additional freedom that is not present in most typical franchises. You can run your Lemon Tree location from behind the scenes while pursuing additional sources of income. This model has made our current franchisees very happy. If you wish to be a part of the Lemon Tree family and learn more about the possibility of early retirement, give us a call today.



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