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Salon Franchise: Invest in Your Future

Salon FranchiseGrowth and Success

If you find yourself searching for salon franchises in which you can invest consider joining Lemon Tree Family Salon. After more than 40 years we continue to experience growth and success, and are in need of driven and motivated individuals who are ready to invest in their own future by opening a Lemon Tree salon franchise. We are unlike most salon franchises as we are one of the few that offers a full range of salon services. If you’re ready to take advantage of the opportunities we offer and invest in yourself and your future, give Lemon Tree a call.

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Beauty Salon FranchiseWHY LEMON TREE?

There are many reasons to own a Lemon Tree Family Salon business. Some of our franchise owners love the deep ties they create with their communities. Some of our owners love the lifestyle this business affords them, with our semi-absentee ownership model. And of course, some of our owners love the fact that the investment required to open a Lemon Tree salon is markedly lower than any other haircut franchise or hair salon franchise.

With over 150 combined years of experience, our management team has seen it all and is ready to support you building a successful salon.

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Salon FranchiseSupport and Guidance

When you buy into a salon franchise with Lemon Tree, you’re not only taking your future into your own hands, but you’re also buying into a family of successful franchise owners all invested in your success. After more than 40 years of success and growth we have managed to create a unique business model provided all our franchise owners upon joining. By taking advantage of this business model and applying it to your business you will experience success.

Not only will you have access to our business model to guide you, but you’ll also have our corporate support structure to help you. We will help to educate you on running your business, handling your finances and impart our many years of experience with you to give you the best chance at success. When you combine all that with lower start-up costs, high revenue and profitability, you put yourself in a position to be able to grow your business quickly.

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“We’re not looking for business owners who want to work behind the chair. That’s not how this business is successful. We want entrepreneurs who want to manage a team, and focus on growing a business.”


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If you’re ready to maximize on your potential and invest in your future with a salon franchise, consider joining Lemon Tree Family Salon. When you begin to research us you will find that our revenues are significantly higher than most, and with a relentless approach towards providing industry-leading customer service it’s no mystery why we continue to experience industry leading unit economics. After 40 years of experience, growth and success we are ready to support you and help to build your business into a successful salon. If you’re ready to get started on building up your new business, give Lemon Tree a call.

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