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Thankful for Our Beauty Franchise Owners

cosmetic franchise opportunitiesTHANKFUL TO OUR BEAUTY FRANCHISE OWNERS

cosmetic franchise opportunitiesTHANKFUL TO OUR BEAUTY FRANCHISE OWNERS

cosmetic franchise opportunities
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the Lemon Tree corporate team would like to express gratitude to our hard working beauty Franchise Owners. Lemon Tree has over 4 decades of experience leading the salon industry, but our success would not have been possible without our Franchise Owners. In the 45 years that we have been open, our franchise brand has expanded to 33 locations with many more in the stages of opening. Our name has become synonymous with quality salon services and the communities we are located in have expressed gratitude for our family based offerings. Our Franchise Owners have been key in establishing our positive public reception with their incredible management skills and superb customer services. 
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On average, each of our individual locations bring in about $367,106 in annual sales, with top performers generating more than a half million dollars annually. While profits these high aren’t typically associated with a beauty franchise, Lemon Tree is not your average hair salon. We are a franchise that is supported by both a corporate center and the individual strength of Franchise Owners.  The success of the brand as a whole is not possible without the success of the individual locations, and Lemon Tree Franchise Owners have outdone themselves. As more hopeful entrepreneurs request to join the Lemon Tree team, we can only extend our gratitude to the current Franchise Owners that have brought us such success and recognition.

“It’s more than just belonging to a successful franchise. It’s about being a part of a successful family of entrepreneurs.”

Franchise Owner – NY

hair salon franchise

beauty salon franchiseGiving Back to Our Hair Salon Franchise Owners

beauty salon franchiseGiving Back to Our Hair Salon Franchise Owners

In order to express our gratitude to the Franchise Owners who work so hard under the Lemon Tree beauty franchise name, we have developed a robust support program. All current and new Franchise Owners can expect assistance in:
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In order to ensure you have all the tools and information needed to succeed as a beauty Franchise owner, we offer an extensive training program. Consisting of 40 hours of classroom training and 50 hours of on-the-job training, our program will teach you everything you need to know about the Lemon Tree way of business.
Hair Salon Franchise

Grand Opening

Once you’ve signed the franchise agreement, we’ll get down to business. From site selection and construction to equipment and software implementation, we’ll have your new salon open in no time.
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Supply Chain

45 years in the business has allowed us to solidify partnerships with the leading salon suppliers in the industry and we extend these benefits to all franchise owners – you’ll have access to the industry quality supplies.
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We’ll help you engage with your community and the basics of social media and online marketing to help you capture the most customers possible for your hair salon franchise.
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Operations Team

We won’t leave you in the dark one you’ve got your salon open – our support team is available 24/7 to help you keep your operations running smoothly.

I have been to some very fancy schmancy hair salons over the years (from Manhattan to LA) and not a since one has even came CLOSE to the AMAZING cut/style and color I got from Taylor Raw at Lemon Tree! She is absolutely THE BEST!”

Emily C.
White Plains, NY

beauty salon franchiseJOIN LEMON TREE FOR A FUN CAREER

beauty salon franchiseJOIN LEMON TREE FOR A FUN CAREER

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If you like to stay busy and have fun with the newest beauty trends, then owning a hair salon franchise is a great way to have an exciting and profitable career! Lemon Tree salons top the industry charts with $533,311 in annual earnings! If you’d like to join our fun and successful team, contact us today.

Through teamwork our beauty franchise has managed to come out on top as an industry leader and we are forever grateful to the talented Franchise Owners that join our team.

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